Proclamation in the Arizona Legislature

April 25, 2019 — Success in Phoenix!

Arizona State Legislators Monday stood up for Arizona's future on Earth Day by loudly proclaiming the need for state action. They called for cutting carbon emissions in order to preserve, protect and grow Arizona's economy, the health of its people and their traditions, its natural resources, and wildlife.


Sen. Juan Mendez opened the Earth Day press conference. To his right, Rep. Charlene Fernandez, Yuma, and to his left, Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai, Cameron, Rep. Pamela Powers-Hannley, Tucson, and Sandy Bahr, the Sierra Club.

With the support of Citizens's Climate Lobby, Arizona's environmental leaders in the Senate and the House took to the podium on Earth Day to call for action on climate change, to protect its economy, its natural resources,  wildlife, health, our water and our future.  

Thanks to Sen. Jamescito Peshlakai of Cameron for her personal stories about the diminishing water supplies and rising temperatures being experienced by tribal residents throughout the Navajo, Hopi, and seven other tribes of the northern Arizona.

Introduced in the Senate by Yuma Sen. Lisa Otondo, and in the House by Tucson Rep. Kirsten Engel,  the Proclamation was supported by legislators throughout the Tucson region with compelling speeches by Sen. Victoria Steele, Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales, and Sen. Andrea Dalessandro. Senate Pres. Fann and Sen. Bradley showed that goodwill and cooperation are alive!

Citing rising temperatures, growing threats from wildfires and drought, water scarcity and a changing climate as detailed in the National Climate Assessment, the Proclamation encourages  the Governor and Legislature to work with individuals and businesses to protect Arizona's future.

Senate of the State of Arizona

Whereas, the State of Arizona has a tradition of supporting good stewardship of its land, air and water; and
Whereas, Arizona is a leader in technological innovation, ingenuity in problem solving and working together to create solutions; and
Whereas, preservation of Arizona's economic longevity and role as a leader in fiscal responsibility depends on prudent management of natural resources; and
Whereas, protecting, conserving and reasonably managing the natural environment are essential principles of responsible stewardship; and  
Whereas, the citizens of Arizona recognize the inherent worth of this state's natural resources, as well as their economic value, in contributing to our state's identity and inspiring creativity, strengthening families and providing for future generations; and
Whereas, the National Climate Assessment has issued a report outlining the increased risk of extreme weather events, including wildfires, water scarcity, heatwaves and flash floods; and
Whereas, the impacts of a changing climate may affect the wellbeing of Arizona citizens and impair their productivity in key economic areas; and
Whereas, Arizona recognizes that stewardship includes fostering and maintaining resilient ecosystems that have the capacity to adapt to our changing environment.
Therefore, the Members of the Legislature:

  • Commit to working constructively with the Governor of this state to use our heritage of technological ingenuity, innovation and leadership to create and support economically viable and broadly supported private and public solutions to manage changes to the environment, including in rural communities. 
  • Recognize the importance of working together, including with the Governor, to prioritize our understanding and use of science to address causes of a changing climate and support innovation and environmental stewardship to realize positive outcomes.
  • Encourage individuals, corporations and state agencies to reduce their emissions and to support the growth in technologies and services that will enlarge our economy in a way that is both energy efficient and cost effective. 

     Karen Fann
     Senate President
     Arizona State Senate

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