Web Links to Information about House and Senate Carbon Fee and Dividend Bills

The first thing to do is to educate yourself about the bill. Here are some links that you will find useful.

• Brief Summary. Here is a short summary of the bill available on the CCL Public Website. Not a huge amount of information. 


• A Little More Detail. This is a site that is "unbranded" by CCL, and is useful when showing it to members of another organization that may not be comfortable being too closely associated with CCL. It also has a nice "How it works" discussion (click in upper right corner), and a summary set of Frequently Asked Questions. This is a publically accessible site. 


• Lots of Information and Downloads. This page has detailed information about the bill, CCLs analysis, press releases, downloads, a thourough FAQ, and a site where members can ask questions and get answers about the bill. WELL WORTH CHECKING OUT. 


• Full Text of the House Bill. For policy wonks who want to read the bill without a middleman. 


• Full Text of the Senate Bill. Just scarfed up the House bill? Link to Senate version coming soon!

• Haven't Had Enough? Watch a webinar!

CCL is putting on a series of informative webinars. Topics include Legislative Detail and Strategies, Media Plan, Messaging Recommendations, and Q&A. Watch them here. 

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