• April Monthly Meeting.  9 AM Saturday, April 10.  Our next monthly meeting will be held on Zoom at 9AM, Saturday, April 10. See the meeting announcement here. Join the Zoom call here. (

  • Cliff's Notes for April. 7:30 PM, Wednesday April 21. At our Cliff's Notes meeting for April, we will turn our attention to Raul Grijalva. Representative Grijalva is a progressive leader in Congress and Chair of the Resources Committee. Mary Stout, Rep. Grijalva's CCL liaison, will brief us on what he needs to hear in our letters to the editor, phone calls, and letters to Congress.

    After Mary's wrap-up, Cliff will lead a quick letter-writing session focusing on those issues. An extra stack of letters to Congress always make our Congressional interactions more impactful. 
    Join Cliff on Zoom Wednesday, April 21 at 7:30 PM by clicking here, or copy this URL into your browser