• February Monthly Meeting.  10 AM Saturday, Feb 13.  Our next monthly meeting will be held on Zoom at 10AM, Saturday, Feb 13. Attend the meeting on Zoom here. (

  • Crafting Climate Justice in Our Communities and Our World.  February 3,10,17,24, and March 3, 5:30 - 7 PM on Zoom. How can we understand and solve the challenges of climate change in ways that acknowledge the unequal responsibilities for climate change, its uneven impacts on different places and people, and the need to develop responses and solutions that reduce the risks for everyone without undermining other goals of sustainable development?

    In this five-week course taught by University of Arizona Regents Professor (and CCL member) Diana Liverman, we will consider the origins of calls for climate justice from researchers, poor and vulnerable countries, women and youth, communities of color, and policy makers. We will discuss the debates within and between researchers, activists, communities and countries about who is most responsible for climate change, who is most vulnerable to it, and who should respond and how. Taught by a world-renowned expert in climate and environment, the class will make complex ideas accessible to a general public and will offer a comprehensive look at both the perils and promise of the defining issue of our time.

    For cost and registration information, please visit 

  • An international conservation campaign to protect 30% of our planet by 2030. 6PM, Wednesday, Feb 3. See how it applies on the ground here in Arizona! The Wilderness Society will be holding its Kickoff meeting for their 30x30 Campaign on Wednesday, Feb. 3, at 6pm Arizona Time. At this meeting, they will discuss their campaign to protect 30% of Arizona's wilderness by 2030 AND how community members can get involved in the movement to safeguard Arizona's precious lands. RSVP here:

  • A new season of Great Decisions. Great Decisions is a program of discussions about foreign affairs, sponsored nationally by the nonpartisan/nonprofit Foreign Policy Association and locally by the Tucson Great Decisions Association (TGDA). Meetings follow eight different topics each year, with a “briefing book” and related video. Great Decisions will kick off its 2021 season of discussion groups by welcoming back former Ambassador David Dunford. Ambassador Dunford has recently written an important and timely book that shows why diplomacy still matters in an era of reduced budgets and an insufficient understanding of what diplomats do. He’ll talk with us on foreign policy challenges and opportunities for the new administration. Go to the website of TGDA at for more information about the program, this year’s topics for discussion, a list of local groups with contact information, and to order briefing books.  New members are always welcome.