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2021 Meeting Presentations (PDF)

  January 9, 2021 Meeting (PDF) and Ed's Positive Climate News from 2020

  February 13, 2021 Meeting Slides (PDF), Anna Spitz's presentation slides (PDF),
  Syllabus for Diana Livermans "Crafting Climate Justice in Our Communities and Our World"

  March 13, 2021 slides (PDF)

  April 10, 2021 slides (PDF)

  May 8, 2021 (Meeting was held outdoors and there were no slides...)

  June 12, 2021 (No monthly meeting to allow members to attend national conference online.)

  July 10, 2021 slides (PDF)

  August 14, 2021 slides (PDF)

  September 11, 2021 slides (PDF)

2020 Meeting Presentations (PDF)

2019 Meeting Presentations (PDF)

2018 Meeting Presentations (PDF)