Tucson Mayoral Candidates Respond to Our Questions on Climate


In June, we approached the three top candidates for the upcoming Tucson mayor's race. These included Steve Farley, Regina Romero, and Randi Dorman. (Click on their names to be taken to their websites.) 

We asked them six questions, and requested they keep their responses to about 150 words per question. Below you will find links to each of their unedited responses. Here is the letter we sent along with the text of the questions:

Congratulations on your candidacy for Tucson' mayoral election!

The members of the Greater Tucson chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby are interested in your thoughts on Tucson's need to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-partisan, non-profit environmental organization that focuses on a policy we feel is the single most important step in getting our nation to zero emissions.  Studies show that a policy of Carbon Fee and Dividend could cut emissions by 40% in 12 years, save 130,000 lives, create millions of new jobs nationwide, and add a stimulus to Pima County of $900,000,000 by the 10th year. 

You may remember that Tucson City Council passed a resolution supporting Carbon Fee and Dividend in December, 2017. Last December a similar measure was sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE). Now, that policy is closely mirrored in the current House Bill 763 that was sponsored in January by Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) and Rep. Frances Rooney (R-FL). A website with more information about HR 763 is here.

1. How do you propose moving Tucson towards zero carbon emissions?

2. How should Tucson adapt to a hotter, drier climate that scientists predict for the Southwest?

3. Adapting to climate change is going to be expensive.  Where do you see that money coming from?

4. What role do you think the mayor should play in encouraging Arizona and the nation to embrace a zero-emissions policy?

5. Would you be interested in participating in a panel discussion on local adaptation strategies and solutions to limit emissions?

6. The City of Tucson passed a resolution unanimously supporting Carbon Fee and Dividend in 2017. Would you endorse a similar bill, HR 763, that is now in Congress?

Click below to see the answers from:

Randi Dorman

Steve Farley

Regina Romero

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